Monday, May 16, 2011

Society of Wealth

Winner's Circle. Surrounding ourself by winners or people bound to win, simple. A close friend of our's Tony, is on his way to success with something fun called "Society of Wealth".

But first, he's starting with adding more style to clothing with the use of studs on his pieces.
When asked why studs over anything else, he responded," Well I started studding different articles of clothing about 2 years ago. I simply decided to share my talent, after all why not? Studs were always in style, but my main reason why I started this was when Louboutin came out wit the Men's Collection of sneakers also featuring studs, a lot of people found it difficult to find articles to wear with theses types of shoes, me being one of them. I decided to start out creating jackets and vests with studs located on various parts of the item."

Check them out:

(This just might be my personal FAV!)

He is also working on other pieces, pictures of those are coming soon!! STAY TUNED!If you're interested in having a personal piece studded email

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