Monday, May 2, 2011

J. Cole at UPenn

Thursday, March 18th, 2011 my friends Brittany, Serene and I went to a J.Cole Concert at UPenn for Serene's birthday. To be honest, I know a few J.Cole songs but I wouldn't call myself a fan, but his music does speak to me. The concert started of with a few opening performances, then to the main event. He started of with "Blow up." Usually at a concert I don't go so "hard", but J.Cole is a really go performer I was into it and his lyrics are didn't from any other rapper. Although I wish Drake would've came out surprisingly to sing "In The Morning" he didn't ,but I still satisfied with Cole's verse. Overall it was a good concert. Exiting the concert, we notice these two big black Escalades, we thought that has to be Cole's car. We waited for about a hour, he finally came out. I was surprised he actually took pictures and signed autographs. We held a brief convo, he's so humble. . ahh I fell in love =)

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