Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Nothing much to be said other than the video is almost here! Rihanna feat T.I. "LIVE YOUR LIFE". Ive been waiting patiently but the wait is soon over!

Watch this 30 second preview

leaves you wanting more right?! i know.
check out an even more exclusive behind the scene look tonight on BET access granted at 7:30. =]

wait....., there's more! =]

her hit song "REHAB" is also in the works. She gets intimate and sexy with her well known co-star, no names being mention, ill let the pictures speak for itself.

omggg... that a fine ass man right there. lmao

okay thats enough.
but MOB fucks with RIH RIH as you can see. so we'll definetely keep you tuned in.

bisu bisu

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