Sunday, October 5, 2008

Poem by Alize'


n my tyme of need im depended on

since birth hardwork is wat i sworn

believed that was the way to achieve

never slow on the beat and have yall niggas forgetting to breath

and niggas cant believe im reaching the top

yall just spinning in circles ready to pop!

make references to different aspects in life.

i look at the world thru my prism everyday and every night

make things hard in the beggining so the end is easy

like a cheetah all u seeing is my dust the chase is easy.

and even the cats purr for our dog games

we dishing out numbers like card games

Im living in reality while yall peasants still dreaming

status type low like the stock market was falling

try and stand on ur feet dont stumble

hands fast like money floyd so get ready to rumble

not in the jungle in the ring

stay flashy like the bling on the ring

have a worthy opponent praying like he was in the ring

and the bell rung but he wasnt saved

never been apart of the brave

im almost done with this lyrical dissection in ur mind

u wanna hate me then hate me

dont yall dont make me or break me

im finished im out dont pout just shout out !

words from the mind of Alize'!

This is a wonderful poem...(snaps fingers) and also true.
Thanks Alize for sharing this poem with the MOBLIFESTYLE blog =]

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