Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gimmie a " R ", a " U" , a " G " , a " B " & a " Y " !

The new craze: RUGBY. Point blank, period. You know every time M.O.B. notices something WORTH splurging on, we purchase it. Let's welcome Rugby to the list of clothing lines we're keeping our eye on. As you can see here, we've already started...

...& you know once MOB starts, we can't stop ! =]

I'm not sure if it just me but I love the tapered, sophisticated look. Rugby does just that for people. The funny thing is, no matter what else your wearing with the will ( 99.9% of the time ) look well put together. I mean, like anything's possible to overdo it. Some Rugby shirts can have many patches & that's the reason it should be worn down [ just like what Fashion did above. ie. hair in a simple bun, Converses ].

Peep a few of my fav's:


*(awwww, teeheehee. simply adorable.)

Get some sophistication here: Rugby.

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