Sunday, October 5, 2008

Introducing Chillz !

Another artist of Above the Law Records, Chillz 19, an up-and-comming rapper/artist reside in Brooklyn is a funny down to earth kind of guy. " The spot light is my home", he says that because hes real comfortable there. Chillz started rapping at the age of 16. He used to fresstyle with his homeboys, then linked with a rapper from his school, later joined his group called M Street for a year or so until he left the group due to certain circumstances, then meet up with a guy named Ray Jarvis who is currently is manager and signed him to Marvolous records. A couple months while being a rapper under his new label, he linked up with his homeboy's, Bless's ( friend since 7th grade) cousin Maze who also raps. Maze had a studio in Long Island and thats where most of his songs were produced. Later linked up with Fly Ly summer of 08, through Cake ( who is also a rapper) which is now his new running mate. Fly Ly and his wingman Popular started Marvolous/Above the Law records. Chillz is now working on a mixtape with Fly Ly, this should launch December or January. The album, called The Young and The Marvolous re-released in November with bonus tracks which includes the dall hall legend Vybez Kartel.

Stylin : Who inspired you to start rapping?
Chillz : My cousin Millz and my brother Young Cas.
Stylin : Whats your favorite song from your collection?
Chillz : I cant really say, i have so much!
Stylin : (laughs) Okay then what your favorite quote
Chillz : " Im not a rapper... rap is what I am "

This quote is pretty much self explanitory, rap equals Chillz. Anyone can just pick up a mic and begin to rhyme lyrics, but it takes an artist to be a rapper.

Stylin : Any last remarks ?

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  1. Shutterbeast says: Chillz Murda Millz always in the limelight kicking the ill grind rhymes like...woah!