Sunday, October 5, 2008

Let Me Explain Something To Ya'll...

Let's make this PERFECTLY clear. The fact of the matter is that the things we blog about , we can afford. I do not see a point in talking about things I can't buy. What would that make me ? Whoever was the person who left the very opinionated and childish comment on my post about the Moncler's , lets just get this straight...

Half of you people who have all this shit do it through scams. Yes , I'm putting all you fake fly ass people on blast. I'm really sick of it now. Don't come on our blog and tell us what we need to do & not to criticize others because if your feeling some type of must apply to you.

Remember kids , the only way something can offend you is if you know that it relates to you.

Long story stort...keep the bullshit off of our blog. You have no right to be calling anyone names. Our blog is not about that & it just goes to show that uneducated , stupid , unclassy biddies spend alot of time on our shittttttttttt.

We appreciate it. & By the way Amber and Ebony are doing things half of you bitches won't accomplish in your lifetime.

Thanks for the head...oops i mean just keeps us going.

Sincerely ,

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