Friday, May 7, 2010

Most Official Celebrity Sightings!

Eventful day for the Most Officials & Family.. What was thought to be a regular day turned into something quite big. Making my usual rounds around NYC I ran into Malik Yoba from NY Undercover & Why Did I Get Married.. I couldn't let him go without getting a quick pic!

AND THENNN, while that was going on I get a picture message from my mother whom I would've rather been with at that time than where I was at.. So before I even opened the pic I see Jay-Z. I said to myself maybe this is just a "wanna be down" moment that parents have.. until I opened it and her & my sister are posing NEXT to him.. I almost fainted on site, but I held my composure, lol. My mother spoke about how humble he was and even though his security didn't want him to take the picture he did anyway. She said he was so down to earth and nice, lol. Kudos to them ! ♥

Hov ♥'s the kids!

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