Sunday, May 2, 2010

M.O.B. Movie

Humm well itsn't this just interesting.MOB designer Leah McSweeney has never been known to take the safe route; try as she might it just isn’t in her and thank god for that. When last we met she had mentioned her next campaign would feature an adult film star. And when she told me, I was thinking, okay…well, that’s going to be interesting and damn, does this woman have a scared bone in her body? But then when you watch this clip of Faye Reage and see how utterly captivating she is, the move yet again seems a pure genious one by McSweeney & Co. From what I can tell, a full movie is to follow, directed by Shawn Regruto and produced by Leah McSweeney. Now that I would pay to see! Well can't wait to this is movie should be fun!

RUNAWAY FAYE cuming soon to a theater near you... from The Town Pump on Vimeo.

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