Tuesday, May 18, 2010

King Magazine x TRINA.

Trina is featured in King Magazine for the umm 5th time? LOL! She poses practically nude well because King magazine is for the males and you know thats what they like to see.. In this issue she speaks about how she is in love.. And how nice her lips are, which is why you may find them on your favorite ballers neck ;)

KING: Finish this sentence: Trina is currently…?

Trina: Happily in love.

KING: With a man or her career? Enough with the vague answers.

Trina: [Laughs] Wow, what a question. I’m happily in love with my man, but I love my career.

KING: Would that man happen to be Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin, as rumored?

Trina: Rumors, I don’t like rumors. Who wants to know that? Is that what you want to know?

KING: You’re making this too easy. Is that huge tattoo of red lips on Martin’s neck yours?

Trina: [Laughs] I’m just laughing….

KING: Sometimes laughter is an admittance of guilt.

Trina: I didn’t say anything. My lips are sealed.

KING: On somebody’s neck, yes.

Trina: Those are some very nice lips that he has, huh? [Laughs]

KING:We’re talking about the tattoo, right?

Trina: Listen, I’m very happy, I’m in love. With all this info already out there, you already know all the answers to it. And I have nice lips.

Haha, she sure does have a way with words. Pick up the Summer issue of KING to read more..

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