Monday, May 24, 2010


I'm really feeling FAN OF A FAN. About an hour ago, Chris Brown tweeted that he would be releasing his new video "No Bullshit". I had to get on it and see what its about. Myself and a few of my fellow bitchie chicks admit to it making us blush. Trey definetly competition. Ladies you choose.

Chris Brown released the official video to him & his "rap-mate's" Tyga song 'Dueces' of off their Fan of A Fan mixtape. The mixtape was released early last week. Dueces happen to be one of my favorites off of the mixtape..

Tyga says 'Dueces' is about getting rid of your girl (to us females its about getting rid of that guy) so you simply chuck up your 'Dueces' & it's ADIOS ! Check out the video!

and here is "GShit" Video if you missed it.

Shoutout to Tyga and Chris Brown for really coming back but BEWARE ! LOL.
x and o's

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