Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dee and Ricky

Dee and Ricky Jackson, 21-yr old twins from Staten Island who make these freak-out amazing pixel heart pins. Or perhaps you recognize their work from the Marc Jacobs runway?

"Dee and Ricky made that show really pop with those accessories, we killed em. They didn’t even see us coming. My Boy Matt Bananas threw this party in the Hamptons for Camp Beverly Hills, Dee and Ricky rolled there & we met this boy Jay Peezy (Jason Preston), dude be chilling with Marc Jacobs. Jason saw some belts we were rocking & he placed an order. We dropped them off to him the next day. He call us back later that night like, YO! Marc loves the belts! He wants Dee and Ricky to style the runway show at the Armory. "

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