Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sexxy & Stylish !

Kanye West shows off his $800+ kicks for Louis Vuitton in these new ads also featured on his blog. The photos were shot by Steve Shaw and featured West’s new main squeeze Amber Rose.

Is it safe to say it's back to the old Kanye ?

Kanye’s Louis Vuitton sneakers are due to release in June of this year. See close ups of the Don, Jasper, and Mr. Hudson styles below.

Mr. Hudson. . The Don. .
Jasper. .


  1. well..THANK GOD HE CUT THAT FRO oFF..he was getting to Afro-Centric for me..i was starting to feel HEARTLESS..
    can sum1 say Perm?? LOL

    -Da Hotty

  2. O sorry to correct you but those black kicks are $1000 not $800. The red one are $890. They come out in june.