Thursday, April 2, 2009

Louis is "SPICY"ing it up a bit. .

Elegant” and “eloquent” are the words that describe very well the entire collection of Louis Vuitton shoes. Louis Vuitton’s utterly fantastic Spicy shoe is unquestionably the It shoe of the season, worn by celebrities and fashion mavens. The Spicy is one of the hottest and most fun looking pair of shoes to ever come out of Louis Vuitton's hat. It's funky, feathery and ultra trendy. Madonna which is the new spokesperson for Louis Vuitton recently did the Spring 2009 Photoshoot. Hot Shit btw. but yes I know your probably in love with them so if you have the $2150 dollars to spear, then what the hell, why not treat yourself. here are some celebs rockin that thing like... lol =]

you know the girlfriend of the Louis Vuitton Don had to Spice it up!

Victoria Beckham always has the latest stuff so this was no surprise.

Heidi Klum looks hot in anything and these are no different.

And spokesperson Madonna rocks them on....

and off the clock.

x and o's ..

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