Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rants of the Most Officials. .

Numero Uno :
-Identity Theft ; THE MOB "LIFESTYLE", break that down, it actually makes sense. Like this is really our lifestyle. No posing, no faking the funk, no imitations, no bluffin', like its really the LIFE! Be yourself, thats what we live by & we get respect for doing just that. When you other people come from behind & try to do these things that we consider so little, its flattering. I commend you on TRYING, an A for effort. However, in the words of Hollywood . "give it a rest". & if you do intend on copying, just give credit when its due!

Numero Dos :
-False Claiming ; Alot of you people claim to be something they're not, in every way. . ( TALKING, WALKING, DRESSING etc. . )
Ever thought that if you be yourself people would respect you more. Isn't it double time harder to act like something your not & having to keep up with that role? We think so.

& also the false claim to have all this wanna-be "FLY SHIT", you have numerous pictures in all this clothing, but people see you in the street & YOU NEVER HAVE IT ON, pertaining to males as well as females. As far as cropping goes, must you really crop everything around you out? The whole thing is to show your "LIFESTYLE".

Numero Tres :
-We respect the followers, but i want you to notice ; we had this blog for going on a year now. We got this blog because we needed a place to jot down our daily thoughts & doings. We also figured you the reader would be interested. As shown in the views, interest is clear.
All these other baby bloggers, needs to just stop. You cant even keep up with your posting ; basically your shit is out of date. . soon to be expired.

With that being said, just be yourself. There's more to be touched on but its Sunday & it's nice out so we're gonna go get mixxy & update you on that as well.

x and o's. .

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