Friday, April 10, 2009

My Spring Break 2009... being spent in the Bronx. -_- I'm laying on the floor, watching baseball, drinking a ginger ale & listening to the sound of an ice cream truck outside. First thought: Summer. Second thought: Bathing how about because I haven't blogged in a while; we start off with that first.

I don't know about the majority of you people, but summer is the only thing on my mind as of right now. Hot weather, the beach, parties, barbeque's, vacations & cruise control ;) MOB is definitely stepping out this summer. So we've come to an conclusion: Summer is never complete without a kick ass bathing suit so here are a few of the ones I like...

American Apparel Nylon Tricot Criss-Cross Bikini Top:

American Apparel Zebra Print Maillot-V Swimsuit:

Carmen Marc Valvo Women's Draped and Twisted Bandeau Swimdress:

(^ yesss; you can swim in this! ^)

There are many more stunning bathing suits available; but these were just a few that caught my eye. Wanna know where to get these? Comment this post & be on the lookout for a comment back with the reply.

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