Tuesday, February 8, 2011

VMan x Kanye West :Thrill of The Game

DOLLAR BILLS! ON TOP OF DOLLAR BILLS! Kanye West covers VMan magazine, by the way is the only magazine he is featured in for the season. Since his artwork cover of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Ye is putting his rap to the side for one quick, very breif second and expressing his visual artwork. Set to hit stands TODAY Feb.8th VMAN has issued a promotion where one in ten covers contain REAL dollar bills. .Cool huh!!
Idk Kanye but that looks like a Philly jawn beard =\

On Monday, Feb. 7 and Tuesday, Feb. 8, Visionaire Gallery in New York City will be showcasing their assembly line as the magazine’s factory workers prepare your issue of VMAN for you live

VMAN 21 ASSEMBLY LINE from V Magazine on Vimeo.

Photo by Karl Lagerfield

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  1. Got the issue today! It is great & Kanye is a genius! Didn't get any dollar bills tho LOL!