Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today is a G.O.O.D Day

Well for starters, I hoped everyone had a great day as I did! My first class wasn't until two,so already things are going smooth. After class was finished, I had some productivity time with myself and studied for one of my upcoming test. Finally I had practice for a fashion I'm in Wednesday Feb9th. While walking I over heard a guy telling a girl that he has a blog, www.darkshadesbrightlights.blogspot.com and of course my noisy self butts in and tell him about my lifestyle! Yay me =) We took it from there. . if I had the opportunity I'd talk to him all night. AS I got back to practice he came back to me and ask my friend and I Courtney if we'd take pictures in dark shades (hence the name of his blog is dark shades) Check out the pics below:

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