Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wiz Khalifa vs. Big Sean

This is a little different from what you will normally see on our blog, but hey! A few months back we introduce you to Big Sean from "D Town,West Side!"(Detroit,Michigan). This young rapper was found by Kanye West and was then signed to Island Def Jam and is now sign to Good Music. A few weeks back my fellow bitch, Fashion introduce me to Wiz Khalifa, this youngin' from Pittsburg, Penn. He's sign to Warner Bros. Record label. Both of these males were featured on XXL Magazine two months ago for the Freshman 10. Their mixtapes were also good " UKNOWBIGSEAN" - Big Sean and "Deal or No Deal"- Wiz Khalifa but which one was better. Well both of these young rappers are good friends and also freestyles/rapped on the same beat, but who am I to judge. But in my opinion I favor Big Sean. Don't get me wrong I'd listen to a good Wiz song such as this freestyle is my favorite.

But my favorite song by Big Sean is Desire, Want, Need. I think a lot of my friends and I can relate to this song.

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  1. Wiz is no longer signed to Warner . He left maybbe 2/3 years ago. Deal or No Deal was his first ALBUM, not mixtape ..

    But as far as whose better, I'd have to give it to Wiz ..

    Sean & Wiz do have similar sounds, and similar swagg !!
    But Wiz has this unidentified aura about him that draws listeners in.

    Big Sean is definetly in better standing because he is Kanye's protege .. & has Kanye's stamp on him !

    But as far as grind goes, I'd have to give it to Wiz cause he has a shitload of mixtapes, sells out shows all over the US and has a stoooooopid fan base ..

    Good post girls !!