Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BP3 Tour: Jay-Z, Trey Songz & Young Jeezy x M.O.B.

Jay-Z's done it again! And knowing us, we couldn't miss it. Yesterday March 2nd,2010 he continued on the BP3 tour and his next stop was MSG in New York. The energy he brought? C R A Z Y! Then again that is nothing new to Hov.

We got there while Trey was performing and I must admit he brought the ladies out & had them OPEN!

He brought Fab out to perform "Say Ahh"..

NY-Z? If you were in attendance you would understand :) but he SHUT IT DOWN! As much times as I've seen Hov perform the energy never changes. He brought Jeezy out, Jeezy brought Akon. I never saw Jeezy in concert but he was poppin, little Southern thang. lol

Now they really had the whole audience puzzled with Lil' Wayne being there! Being that the whole world was under the impression that he was supposedly for the 2nd time going to jail but was at MSG? CRAZY!

OVERALL THE CONCERT WAS A SUCCESS! & I'm happy we were there to experience :-*

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