Saturday, December 27, 2008

If you like the ring ladies, then buy it your damn self.

"All the single ladies.. if you like it then you should've put a ring on it" yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah, fuck that. not every guy is willing to put a ring on it. lets be serious. soooo, instead of waiting around for the perfect wedding ring from the perfect guy, then go out and buy the perfect cocktail ring for yourself. and all the single ladies again, your expecting when they do put a ring on it, for it to be a little pricy, soo go be pricy on yourself. you deserve it. ( pat your self on the back ). Black diamonds are of course the most elegant, chic and a little but of edgiest type of cocktail rings to wear. you can throw it on just to finish and complete a look. here are some perfect cocktail (replacement) rings you can go out, think about or dream about buying.

(IPPOLITA onyx and gold ring, $2,200,

(GUCCI onyx and pave diamond with a white gold band, $3,900,

(CARTIER onyx and diamond ring with a white gold band, $51,600,

then you can always go check out VBH, N.Y.C. and ask them about their exclusive black diamond ring for $69,500 but that's totally up to you.

so enjoy being single you single ladies out there and go treat yourself! =]
what about me? nah you good.

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