Thursday, December 18, 2008

Find "MOB" At PaperDoll.

As of right now, I'm definitely convinced that Brooklyn has the best Boutiques. Another one to add to the list is the "Paper Doll Boutique" (which M.O.B loves)!

Paper Doll Boutique was found by Victoria Shelton. She's a 20 year-old entrepreneur from Saint Albans, New York. Her company, Paper Doll Boutique fills a void that has resulted from a limited number of establishments that provide high quality clothing. Currently, the stores in the neighboring vicinity provide either a low-end product targeting those seeking inexpensive merchandise or high-end clothing targeting an older clientele. Located at 104 Bond Street, Paper Doll is a "one stop shop” where a Fashion Forward shopper can put an outfit together.

"Paper Doll also has an advantage because of my youthful perspective and style. I've amassed valuable experience by working at Baby Phat and Charlotte Rusee and learning financial/ business skills from my Mother."
-Said by the owner herself.

When we blog about stores/boutiques/labels/any other thing that comes after slash, LOL, not only are we supporters, it's also because we have close connections with either owners or EMPLOYEES.
Of course with M.O.B's love of Fashion, I,Saddity chose to further my fashion knowings at the Paper Doll Boutique, so you can find me there! yayy me! :D

So come support US at the Sale/Jean Drive!!!

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