Friday, August 12, 2011

Hit-Boy x Ni**as in Paris

A lot of us fail to realize the producer's play a huge role in an album or just a single, this post is dedicated Hit-Boy(although he's been out for a while being with HOV and Ye makes a big difference). Hit-Boy and Chase N. Cashe are the masterminds behind the production team Surf Club. Hit-Boy also produce Niggas in Paris of the hit album Watch the Throne.
Hit-Boy and Chase made a connection on Myspace as well and Chase soon found a home at Zone 4 Inc. with his new partner Hit-Boy. Together, they have produced music for a number of artists in the industry such as the Lil Wayne, Young Money, Eminem, Pussycat Dolls, Keri Hilson, Mary J. Blige, Flo Rida, Brandy and P. Diddy, In the midst of working with other artists, Surf Club has taken the time to develop music for themselves as well. Their sound can be described as an abstract fusion of Hip Hop and world culture. Like the beach, their music is laid back, chill, and creates a space where listeners can be themselves and free their minds.

"You are now watching the throne, don't let me get in my zone"

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