Friday, October 8, 2010

Chris Brown interview in HOT 97

Just in case you missed the exclusive interview on HOT 97 with Angie Martinez

On The Deuces Remix
I think everybody brought something to the table but I think because we put Andre 3000. We got him to get on the record in the first place. I have to take my hat off to him because he doesn’t do anything for anybody!! So for him to do this for me was just a blessing, so it was great.

On whether there will be a video
We’re tying to get that together but it’s going to be difficult because of all the artist have schedules and so much to do but we’re going try and pull it off. It would be crazy if we had everybody in the video because I don’t think it’s been a remix like this in hip hop for quite some time. Being able to put everybody on this one record is Dope!

On whether he thought Kanye Was Throwing Shots At Drake
Ahh, I don’t think so..I didn’t get that. I just thought he was going at his ex, I didn’t know what direction he was taking it…I didn’t know what kind of shots, I was just listening to the record. I was just like this hot, put it on the record!

I think everybody went in. We got a version with Rick Ross too that’s gonna come to y’all real soon….Fab killed it.

On why he’s not going on tour with Usher (He was later replaced with Trey Songz)
We had different views on the tour…..we both have 2 different promoters…So whoever would get the tour would have to kind of work it out. I think they didn’t see eye to eye with that…and I think all and all it wasn’t the right timing. I think we rushed into it..we were more in love with the idea more so than actual business side of it…we couldn’t get ready for it. Hopefully in the future, we can work something out.

On if he has a good relationship with Usher
Yeah, it’s whatever. We’re cool. I’m cordial and that’s with everybody. I don’t have friends in this industry. I have my circle and I have my people I have relationships with whose been with me, that’s been with me through the bad times and the good times…everybody else is just wall paper.

Are u A Different person?
I think I look at things a little different but I wouldn’t say that I’m different. I wouldn’t say I’m different as far as my energy, like me being a wild boy having fun all the time trying to always get into something. So I think just me personally on a more spiritual level, so to speak, I’m just me, I’m more focused…driven on what I have to do as far as me being an artist.

P.S. I just thought I'd add this video of Chris Brown doing his dougie and new cat daddy dance yesterday on 106 & Park 10 year anniversary

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