Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oh How She Has Grown

Remember own little Dakota Fanning from movies such as " I Am Sam " in Jan. 2002 , " War of the Worlds " in June 2005 and " The Secret Lives of the Bees " in October 2008. Well she's not so little anymore, at 15 Ms. Fanning is finally outgrowing that trait of being a little girl.She is now in the new movie Twilight : New Moon. She says
" I'm getting older and i want to act for the rest of my life, it's whats I love. So i have to move forward with my career."
She's attending a private Junior Year school in Los Angeles, and say's that the kids treat her like an "regular" person. But all in all Ms. Fanning is doing totally well with her career ! Kudos to YOU!

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  1. I so think this was like a great issue of teen vogue she grew up beautifully I'm glad to see she made something of herself btw. cool blog check out mines