Friday, November 20, 2009

Married to the MOB Holiday 2009

If you know M.O.B then you know we are in love with everything that Married to the MOB stands for, hence our name :-). We had a chance to see the holiday line before it dropped and it was nothing less than what we expected, to call it HOT would be an understatement. Married to the MOB holiday 2009 collection is modeled by MOB’s own Sarah McSweeney. The lineup includes a range of bubble coats, cashmere socks, pom pom hats, hoodies, leggings, cable knit dresses, graphic tees, rugby polos and boyfriend jeans. The inspiration and look of the new range is “a mix between a sexy Aspen snow bunny and the everyday MOB having a snowball fight on the snowed streets of NYC,” says Leah McSweeney. The holiday collection is currently available at, click the title of the post for more ! PURCHASE THIS A.S.A.P!

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