Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MOB Road Trip to DC

"We up in Stadium in DC, still tippin' mane!"
This past weekend will be one to remember. A perfect way to reunite with my girls, it all started Thursday night! I got a text from Ky, saying be readying in one hour we're about to come and get you. As we continue on the road, we finally reach the District Of Columbia. Howard's University Homecoming Yardfest was really smooth. The largest HBSC, and said to have the best homecoming of all colleges it was very true. The Yards filled with the Shimmying Kappas, Ice Cold Alphas, The nasty Que Dogs and crazy Sigmas. But the performance MOB been waiting for was Young Jeezy, he rapped his best hits; Flexin', Ballin, Dope Boys Go Crazy, Lose My Mind and many more. Friday night, Club Love=Great. Saturday Night, Stadium Night Club=PERFECT! That's all I have to say, you guys are just going to have to go next year if you want to find out what DC is like *evil laugh*

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