Tuesday, July 19, 2011

GenerationX NY

You just have to love and support Young, Black, and Talented people. MOB's friend Alex put together a network with young people from NY expressing their goals and dreams. I loved everything about it. After I watch the video I asked myself . . . What's the next step ?

Generation-X is a network filled with leaders of our time. Generation-X also captures the essence of our talented and business oriented generation. The first project will be entitled “The Showcase”, which includes three different sections. This project is planned to bring together the up and coming generation and show what it is exactly that we have to offer within our talents. Believing that our generation is filled with ambitious and goal oriented individuals was our first step. The purpose of Generation –X is to build a network, to come together and show not only the society but one another actually what it is that our Generation can bring to the table. Essentially society is forced to think that majority of us are lost, that our generation is filled with dead end goals. Society believes that we forgot the meaning of the “American Dream”, not realizing that the "American Dream" can vary accordingly. Generation-X refers to the lost generation, the generation that will be forgotten; and it is up to us to believe and do otherwise.

For more information contact awill.genx11@gmail.com


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