Monday, September 20, 2010

HAUS OF BELLE - "The Playhaus" Collection!

The official debut of Haus of Belle New York City has finally come! After a year long wait, the very anticipation was well worth it. Autumn/Winter collection "The Playhaus" displays re-occurring motifs of furs, buttery soft genuine leathers and black/offwhites. This personifies designer Ebony Alexander or Coco B(former princess of the posse representative) to its most intricate detail. "This collection captures all the elements of who I am. I'm inspired by the music I listen to, cultures of rebellious style & the freedom of creativity. The Home is where style truly begins" The Ideal Haus of Belle "Kitten" (as she refers to her audience) is very much bad girl meets luxurious." Every girl/woman should be allowed to express their inner rebel with Haus of Belle New York City" If you love bad-ass chic this is what you need to wear!

Full collection availabilty will be announced but in the mean time you
can like the brand on facebook , visit the collection on OR follow them on
twitter @hausofbellenyc to keep updated on new info!


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