Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Jam 2010=Crazy!

Summer Jam 2010 was CRAZY! Of course we arrived late, nothing new for M.O.B. We missed the first performance from Gucci Mane to Waka Flocka, Juelz Santana, and Lloyd Banks. But got there just in time for Fabolous :-), Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, Usher, Ludacris, Drake, Barington Levy, Gyptian, DJ Khaled brought his whole team out: Rick Ross, Busta Rhymes, TPain, Fat Joe, Camron, Vado and many many more surprise guest!
But first I must apologize to the MOB viewers, our camera died on the first picture we took smh -__-. Thus we aren't using personals, yes we know what a bummer because we always have concerts & events that we attend COVERED ! But that wasn't going to stop us from letting you see everything from pictures to videos.

Loso came dressed to kill in his "spiked Louboutins"..
" Yeah it's DRIZZY "
Drake was so hype to be one of the solo artist performing, maybe just a little to hype. And of course him and that hand.

Nicki Minaj! We were expecting to see more of her as a solo artist and not so much her features, but what ever. . she rocked the crowed still ! I'm really happy she rapped her new verse that's on Drake's album "Up All Night." The crowd said their "ohhhhh's and ahhhh's, maybe or maybe not but it sound like it was for Lil Kim'.

Funk Master Flex also rocked the crowd with his 45 min long DJ'ing, lol.
Busta Rhymes also brought some serious energy when he came out on stage, I was actually surprised. .Didn't know people still got excited to see him.
Ludacris and other..

Terrence from 106 &Park..

Ricky Ross aka ROZAYY aka BOSS!
Usher(disappointed in his performance)
Gucci Mane..

I want to thank Ludacris for bringing out DJ KHALED!
"All I Do Is Win" DJ Khaled, Busta, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, TPain, and Nicki Minaj! I literally thought the new Giants stadium was going to collapse!
Then DJ Khaled brought out Camron and Vado. Cam very emotional started to cry(well thats what it sound like)
AHHH And the crowd goes CRAZZYYYY! Busta still got it!

There goes lucky girl, Trey Songz got a little promiscuous and a lucky girl out the crowd got a kiss from him just to fast forward the story.. She was happy I bet !

From one to ten how I would rate all the artist performances would be; Ludacris, I wasn't honestly expecting all those vibes, I would also like to thank him for bringing out DJ Khaled and friends. Luda gets a TEN! Then comes Trey Songz, he's such a good performer. You guys seen the videos, LOL yupp he gets a TEN as well!

Overall, great concert. . hopefully next year it's even better & the camera will be charged !! :)

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