Sunday, November 23, 2008

College trips with MOB

Saturday, November 21st Fashion,Saddity and Stylin' visited Stony Brook and Old Westbury. We started off our day at 6:45AM, taking the LIRR to Stony Brook. This is how it went...

When we arrived there (1hr and 20mins later) it was brick city outside, in other words it was really cold. We toured the campus, ask question about there majors, then we had lunch in the WANG hall.. then we ate this

Then we called up a friend(Courtney) who attends Old Westbury. It was sooo cold when arrived there, but no worries we went staright to his dorm. His dorm was filled with posters,stickers and flyers from The Wagon Boutique.

TheWagon Boutique
Brooklyn, NY
1214 Union Street Bet. Nostrand & Rogers Phone: 347-627-3600

Also ask females about the college life viewed their dorms. (We liked it more than Stony Brook couped up dorms). Then we went to a Basketball game, in which Old Westbury Panthers won.Overall the MOB liked...loves Old Westbury way better than Stony Brook. ( Smaller class size, better student life, and greater percentage in blacks)


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